GSL Artemia Cysts

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Ocean Nutrition GSL Artemia Cysts are harvested from the surface of the Great Salt Lake in Utah (USA). After processing, a quality assesment is performed. Each harvest is subjected to extensive fingerprinting to categorize all important characteristics and parameters such as hatching and enrichment kinetics, separation, decapsulation, fatty acid profile, and biometrics. Based on the result of this fingerprint, Ocean Nutrition grades and offers the Artemia Cysts that are best suited for fish and shrimp hatcheries.

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0,5 kg

GSL Artemia Cysts

  • Very small Artemia nauplii for first feeding of delicate marine fish larvae
  • Hatching efficiency up to 250 000 nauplii per gram and more
  • Naturally rich in the essential highly unsaturated fatty acid EPA
  • Extremely high, fast and synchronous hatching
  • Total Omega-3 HUFA: > 15 mg/g dry weight

Typical performance of Artemia Cysts

GSL Artemia Cysts are small, fast hatching cysts and are available in different grades. Typical cyst count of GSL Artemia Cysts is +/- 258 000 cysts per gram.

The typical time needed for 90% of the cysts to hatch out is approximately 19 hrs, resulting in a tyical Instar I/II ratio of 90/10.

After 24 hrs the typical Instar I/II ratio is 10/90.

For hatcheries that wish to harvest predominantly Instar I nauplii, harvesting should be performed at 18 hrs.

Verwandte Produkte

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    Live zooplankton such as rotifers and Artemia are essential first-feeds for the larvae of many fish (for example, Clownfish). The APBreed Compact Culture System (CCS) is designed to make a benchtop-scale culture of zooplankton easy and reliable.
    The CCS combines a conveniently-sized 5-gallon bucket with a custom-made fitting that incorporates an aerator and a particulate waste trap. Aeration provides oxygenation and water circulation that draws particulate wastes into the trap (floss).

    Daily maintenance of the culture (aside from feeding and harvesting) requires only 5 minutes to flush the wastes from the trap and brush the interior surfaces of the bucket. The CCS is sturdy and easily transported, and includes a flexible translucent cover that isolates the culture from contamination.

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  • Daphnia

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    It is high-quality zooplankton for aquatic model regimens such as zebrafish. Please contact us for more information on  the complete protocol for cultivating this specific Daphnia.

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