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Another dimension

It has been noted that dogs benefit from three-dimensional space within their environment. Adding platforms, bridges leading to other levels, steps or resting spots will likely enhance behaviour while minimising the effects of stress and distress. *

Using a dog exercise structure is a great addition for exercise and socialisation of research dogs. Our range of products includes ramps, tunnels, bridges and steps which are enriching and robust.

We are excited to announce our new product range for dogs. Our dog exercise enrichment offers complex enrichment, including tunnels, ramps and play castles. Made almost entirely from recycled plastic, they are strong, robust and easy to disinfect, as well as being environmentally friendly.

*Hubrecht RC . 2002 . Comfortable quarters for dogs in research institutions . In: Reinhardt V Reinhardt A eds. Comfortable Quarters for Laboratory Animals . 9th ed. Washington
DC : Animal Welfare Institute . p 56 – 64 .

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