RSP-8025 Round Smart Probe for XPT/IPTT

Article reference: 11292

The RSP-8025 Smart Probe is specifically designed to read XPT and IPTT programmable transponders and to integrate with the DAS-8000 Data Acquisition Systems for collecting animal identification and additional data. The Smart Probe can be handheld or placed within a probe holder for hands free use.


RSP-8025 Round Smart Probe for XPT/IPTT

  • Status and scan indicators on probe
  • The round head produces a large reading field, allowing for easy identification of large or isolated animals
  • White high impact plastic casing
  • RS-232 serial DB9 connection
  • Probe can store a cross reference table for mapping transponders
  • Optional DASHost™ communications software provides easy integration with user’s applications
  • Compact design and easy to use
  • Compatible with DAS-8001, DAS-8010 and DAS-8020 Data Acquisition Systems

Transponders that can be used with the RSP-8025 Probe: XPT-100IPT-300 / IPTT-300

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