XPT-100 Programmable Transponder

Article reference: 11250


The XPT-100 Programmable Transponder is our newest and smallest prgrammable transponder yet! The XPT-100 is smaller in size than the IPT-300, yet identical in use! It can be programmed up to 32 alphanumeric characters that may represent anything from a simple ID number to information such as project number, species, sex, cage number ect. If regulations (GLP) require information to be permanent, the ID code can be irreversibly locked.

100 p/Box - Sterile


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100 p/Box – Sterile

XPT-100 Programmable Transponder

  • Fail-Safe animal identification
  • User defined identification code
  • Suitable for all laboratory animal species
  • Can be easily injected subcutaneously by one person
  • Encapsulated in biocompatible glass
  • Ergonomic design integrates injection handle, stainless steel needle and drive pin
  • Patented anti-migration feature
  • Harmless non-surgical implantation
  • Can be used for long-term storage in cold or liquid preservative for tissue identification
  • Battery-Free transponder
  • Read Distance: 5-8 cm, depending on Reader

Transponder: 8 x 1,4 mm / 40 mg
Size Canula: 15G