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Athena Zebrafish Image Analysis Software

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Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are an attractive model organism for the study of human disease, development and toxicology because of their optical transparency and genetic tractability. They serve as a great alternative to mammalian screening due to cost, throughput and reduced ethical concerns.

Automated analysis of Zebrafish images imposes unique demands due to the diversity of organs and features that need to be detected.

To increase throughput, robustness and permit unbiased image analysis of zebrafish, IDEA Bio-Medical developed a novel AI-based software to automatically detect the fish outer contour and internal anatomy in brightfield images.

Athena for zebrafish enables true high-content analysis by identifying these hard-to-detect structures to maintain the anatomical context of fluorescence signals.  Researchers using Athena for zebrafish readily quantify morphology along with region-specific spot/cell counting and fluorescence intensity measurement to quickly advance their research.

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Pay-Per-Use License
Starter (500 Images), Advanced (1.000 Images), Pro (5.000 Images), Expert (10.000 Images), Elite (25.000 Images), Enterprise (50.000 Images)


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Pay-Per-Use License

Starter (500 Images), Advanced (1.000 Images), Pro (5.000 Images), Expert (10.000 Images), Elite (25.000 Images), Enterprise (50.000 Images)


Athena Zebrafish Image Analysis Software

  • Quick & simple user interface
  • Designed for non-specialists in image analysis
  • Compatible for images from commercial microscopes
  • The fastest & easiest Zebrafish image-based screening tool available
  • Novel Artificial Intelligence- based algorithms for fish & organ identification
  • No user intervention required to readily detect fish & internal organs in brightfield
  • Combine with fluorescent labeling for structural co-analysis
  • Ensure proper fish orientation in post-analysis with customizable, software-based selection
  • Software  suited for researchers who only image several fish per week, as well as researchers imaging hundreds & thousands of fish in multi-well plates for large scale screens.
  • Software accepts any microscopy image, supporting multiple image formats from manual microscopes or automated imaging systems from vendors such as Leica, Zeiss, Nikon and more.
  • Unbeatable throughput: analyze hundreds of Zebrafish larvae within minutes
  • Analyzes  Label-free or fluorescently tagged fish and internal organelles
  • Analyze your Fish larva from head to tail with supported image analysis from single plane, Z stack and projection images

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