Zogoflex®Echo Skamp

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The Skamp™ is also the perfect replacement for wooden sticks. Much safer to throw and run after, with no danger of splinters. Lightweight and with its unique design featuring three ‘legs,’ it’s excellent for tug-of-war games. Skamp provides dogs with the bounce resistance they love. The toy flies far and stays afloat in the water.

The Skamp is a suitable throwing stick for all dogs. The toy combines shape with texture to create an irresistible chewing sensation. Thanks to the flexible material, dogs remain intrigued, even if they only hold it in their mouths. Due to its lightweight, even puppies and older dogs can easily lift or hold the Skamp between their paws to chew on.

Eggplant purple, Junge green, Melon orange


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Eggplant purple, Junge green, Melon orange


Zogoflex® Echo Skamp

  • Intriguing shape ensures unpredictable movements to keep dogs interested
  • Cagewasher safe
  • The hollow, yielding material provides an extra satisfying chewing experience
  • Interactive toy, also encourages independent play
  • Lightweight, making it fantastic for small breeds as well
  • Pure fun, no latex, BPA, phthalates, or toxic inks
  • Available in three colors: Orange, Green, and Purple
  • Size: 22 cm

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