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Plexx and Iwaki Aquatic Systems and Services form a new European Distribution Partnership.

Plexx BV and Iwaki Aquatic Systems and Services are happy to announce a new collaboration, bringing their comprehensive range of Aquatic Products to the European Market.

Iwaki Aquatic specialise in aquaria rack systems designed specifically for Zebrafish (Danio rerio), and African Clawed Frog (Xenopus spp.), but have designed and built custom systems for over 150 different aquatic organisms. Using only the highest quality components and system configuration, designed with aquatic welfare, ergonomics and safety in mind.

John P. Miersma, President and CEO of Iwaki America announced:
“Iwaki Aquatic Systems and Services is excited to introduce our aquatic lab research systems to the E.U. market through our sales channel partners at Plexx. These world-class systems bring a new level of innovation, reliability and value to the market and include our commercially-proven Iwaki pumps and Walchem controls and sensors. Iwaki Aquatic and Plexx share an unrivalled passion for engineered solutions, customer service, technical support and system maintenance. We look forward to being the one-stop aquatic systems resource for labs throughout the E.U.”.

Arno Brunink, Owner and Managing Director of Plexx has stated:
“The whole Plexx team are excited to be working with the Iwaki Aquatic group. This collaboration will facilitate expansion of our existing proven laboratory animal housing and scientific equipment product portfolio into the aquatic field. It will also enable us to support a wider range of customer’s needs within the continually expanding scientific community. I am personally extremely pleased with this new product line as it takes me back to my roots as my Masters Degree was in Aquaculture at the University of Wageningen”.

Plexx B. V. established in 1993, specialise in the supply of products to the biomedical research community. Clients include pharmaceutical companies, CRO and academic and government organisations throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. The Plexx Head Offices are based in the Netherlands, with an extended knowledgeable sales team spread throughout Europe. With over 150 years combined experience, the Plexx team offers knowledge and expertise in helping clients select the products that will advance their research, with specialised experience in Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacology, Animal Facility Management, Technical Service Maintenance and Logistics. Their international presence allows fluid communication in multiple languages where clients will always find someone that really understands their needs, and knows the regulations in your country. Plexx value the importance of quality, and continued ISO 9001 Accreditation ensures high customer standards are met.

Iwaki Aquatic was established as a division of Iwaki America in 2016 to support the aquatic research community.

Iwaki Aquatic’s mission is to build quality aquatic laboratory research systems that are extremely reliable and easy to both use and maintain. With 60+ years of experience in designing and building world class controllers and pumps for global water treatment applications position Iwaki Aquatics Systems as the leader in both technology, and value.

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