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New IMI-400 and XPT-100 Transponders

You asked for tiny transponders that are readable at distance, we made them!

The new tiny transponders in our range are called IMI-500 and even smaller IMI-400 as well as the XPT-100. The IMI-500 and IMI-400 are in our non programmable category of transponders and present you with an alpha-numerical number already pre-encoded. The XPT-100 is part of the programmable transponders and it is up to you to decide on the name to give your animals and to program them accordingly. They are perfectly responding to the increasing need for better animal welfare as the needle is much smaller and the weight of the transponders are less heavy for rodents to carry and they are also usable for bigger animals.

The IMI-500 and IMI-400 are readable with your existing readers, wherease the XPT-100 will need a new type of reader due to its evolutive technology. Of course, datas are still transferable to your computer if need this option.

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