VSP-7005 Vertical Smart Probe

Referentienummer 11074

The VSP-7005 Vertical Smart Probe can be connected to the Data Acquisition Systems. It can read / programme the IPT-300 programmable transponders and IPTT-300 programmable temperature transponders. The unique shape of the VSP-7005, with its right angle profile and flexible mounting options is designed for automated scanning and other non-handheld applications. Its unique shape allows the user to maximize the field strength relative to the transponder orientation, resulting in easy and accurate scanning.


VSP-7005 Vertical Smart Probe

  • Configured for automated scanning and non-handheld applications
  • Position maximizes scan field strength
  • Standard Smart Probe cable connection
  • Three LEDs provide status indication
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Firmware updates available
  • Compatible with the DAS-8001, DAS-8010, DAS-8020, DAS-7010 and DAS- 7011 Data Acquisition Systems.

Transponders that can be used with the VSP-7005 Probe: IPT-300 / IPTT-300

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