Both automated and manual systems use Euthanex lids, which are available in a variety of sizes to fit virtually all cage sizes.

Euthanex offers numerous manual configurations, including our new Tamper-Proof line of preset flow meters and regulators. Our Tamper-Proof line allows users to simply turn the gas on to deliver the preset flow required. Visual indication on the equipment ensures proper flows are achieved.

  • Euthanex Cage Lids

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  • Lid Gasket Kit

    The Foam Lid Gasket Kit seal allows each Euthanex lid to be used on a smaller cage size and helps for a secure fit on each cage. Kit contains 5 foam replacement gaskets. Available in all lid

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  • Mobile Cart

    The Mobile Cart is made of stainless steel and is used with the M1 Euthanasia Chamber systems. The height of the top bar is adjustable to provide mobility for easy in/out loading of cages. With three or more Chambers the cart is included.
    Dimensions: 1245 L x 851 W x 1092 H mm

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  • Mobile Cart TT-8200

    The Mobile Euthanasia Cart allows ease of mobility for the TT-8200 and accommodates two 10 kg COcylinders.


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  • Shelf Divider Panels

    The Shelf Divider Panels enables stacking of cages without wire bar lids in the M1 euthanasia chamber system.

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  • Stainless Steel Sliding Shelf

    The Stainless Steel Sliding Shelf allows convenient cage loading and unloading of the M1 euthanasia chambers.

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  • Adjustable CO₂ Flowmeter

    We recommend the Adjustable Flow Meters when a variety of cage sizes are being used. Allowing the user to adjust the flow based on the cage’s displacement size for faster results.

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  • Tamper-Proof CO₂ Flowmeter

    The Tamper-Proof Flowmeter line allows the user to simply turn an on/off valve to start the gas at the predetermined flow rate. No adjustment is required by the operator. This preset ensures the right flow rates are being used every time. The Tamper-Proof line is factory preset for your cage size and flow rate(s). Flow rate(s) may be changed on-site only by designated facility personnel with specialized tools

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  • Preset Regulator

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  • Electrically Heated Regulator

    The EA-285 Electrically Heated Regulator connects directly to CO2 cylinders. Incorporated heater prevents regulator from freezing. Includes 6 ft hose with Quick Disconnect fitting.
    25-125 CHF output

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  • Heated PSI Regulator

    The EA-550 Heated PSI Regulator connects directly to CO2 cylinders. Incorporated electric heater keeps unit from freezing.
    Includes 6 ft hose with Quick Disconnect fitting.
    0-50 PSI output

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  • Complete Manifold Heater and Regulator Assembly

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