Ventilated Cages

Easy to use high density ventilated animal housing systems that provide protection to animals and personnel at the same time! The animals are housed within a “positive” protective HEPA filtered air environment while the patented exhaust capture technology ensures that the racks remain “negative” to the room, thus protecting the staff.

This eliminates the need for setting the racks to either a “positive” or “negative” mode and protects research animals and staff at the same time.


Features and Benefits

  • Non-locked filtertop with integrated wire bar lid for mice, which makes cage changes easier and faster, reduces the number of vulnerable parts and eliminates RSI complaints that come with handling clamps
  • Single, easy to open lid lock for rats that can be opened with one hand
  • Filter area covers the whole top of the cage to ensure good air exchange. When the cage is outside the rack the allergens stay in the cage and the animals can breathe normally for up to 5 days
  • Possibility for 2 cage sizes in 1 rack, so you can keep stock and procedure animals in the same place
  • Filter Replacement Device for easy exchange of filters
  • Balanced airflow ensuring minimal airflow variations among individual cages and allowing any number of cages to be taken out of the rack without disturbing the airflow to the other cages in the rack
  • Lightweight Enviro-Gard HEPA filter Supply and Exhaust units with low noise motors and a separate easy to read display of average air changes per hour, temperature, fan performance and hours of operation, pre-filter and HEPA-filter condition.
  • Rack mounted air handling units save floor space
  • All cage parts including the flat filtertops are easily stackable and reduce the need for extensive storage space