Pouches and Valves

Hydropac pouches provide a safe, reliable watering system for rodents without risk of cross contamination. Available as ready made pouches or a Hydropac machine can be installed in your facility to produce on site.

Sterile single use valves are provided in equal quantities to pouches or pouch material.Replace water bottles, reducing the workload for technicians and thus the cost of watering animals

  • Sterile, single use valve minimizes cross contamination risks
  • Maintain sterile water in pouches while in use for up to 2 weeks
  • Either source readymade pouches or produce your own pouches on site
  • Reduce storage space allocated to bottles, a small container holds 25 pouches in the space of 12 bottles
  • Add drugs or chemicals to individual pouches by using our special silicon patch
  • Also weanlings and weak animals are able to get to the valve easily
  • Hydropac has been successfully trialled and used with mice, rats, guinea pigs and hamsters.