AD-5000 Digital Anaesthesia System

Article reference: EZ-AD5000

The AD-5000 Digital Anaesthesia System incorporates a unique and clear touch control screen giving the operator a full range of practical features including precise and simultaneous flow control in the range of 0.5 to 2.5 L/min to 2 breathers and 1 induction chamber. The exclusive flow circuit allows the user to choose any combination of outputs while the digital flow control automatically adjusts for the correct flow rates. The induction chamber and breathing circuits include an elapse timer for accurate monitoring to prevent over exposure to the subject.


AD-5000 Digital Anaesthesia System

EZ-Anaesthesia has combined their long established and proven small animal anaesthesia equipment with the latest digital control technology to create a reliable, user friendly and innovative system.

  • Simple to set up, simple to use
  • Digitally control flow rates for 2 breathers and 1 induction chamber
  • Digitally controlled warming beds (3) to help maintain the subject’s body temperature during surgical procedures. Each bed can be controlled individually and is made from robust stainless steel for easy cleaning and an even heat distribution across the beds surface
  • Temperature safety monitoring
  • Chamber Oxygen flush button for safe access of the induction chamber
  • The settings can be password protected ensuring total protection from tampering individuals
  • High performance all brass TEC3 vaporizer
  • Easy flow rate adjustments of 0,25 L/min increments
  • Optional tank monitor with email alerts notifying the user of the location and remaining pressure
  • All done button (complete shutdown)
  • The Touch Control Screen is available in multiple languages

The AD-5000 Digital Anaesthesia System comes standard with:

  • 2 Electrically Heated Surgery Beds (Flat or V-shaped) With Breathers
  • Oxygen Regulator
  • 1 EZ-178 Induction Chamber
  • 1 HB-163 Electrically Heated Chamber Warmer
  • 2 Mouse and 2 Rat Nosecones
  • 1 Case of 8 Refresh Charcoal Filters

A video tutorial is available, please contact our sales consultants for more information.

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