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SAR-1000 Advanced Volume-Pressure Ventilator

Article reference: SAR-1000

The SAR-1000 Volume-Pressure Ventilator operates as a volume or pressure-cycled ventilator for mice, rats and guinea pigs and an optional upgrade is available to accommodate rabbits. VOLUME mode delivers a fixed tidal volume on each breath, and PRESSURE mode causes inflation to stop at a preset airway pressure. In either mode, lung inflation is maintained at the end of inspiration until the percent inspiration (%Insp) time has elapsed.


SAR-1000 Advanced Volume-Pressure Ventilator

  • Wide tidal volume and rate change
  • User friendly set-up and operation
  • Accommodates mice up to guinea pigs
  • Direct display of Tidal Volume and all parameters
  • Remote control via USB port
  • Multi-animal set-up available
  • Safe for use with oxygen and anaesthetic gases technical information

Technical Information:

  • Respiratory rate range: 5 – 200 breaths/min
  • Tidal volume range: 0.2 – 35 ml
  • Inspiration/expiration range (%Insp): 10 – 90%
  • Inspiratory flow rate range: 100 – 1000ml/min
  • Pressure control range: 0 – 50 cmH20
  • internal air-pump caspacity: 3 LPM @ 5 PSI (0,34 bar)
  • Analogue pressure output voltage: 50mV/cmH20
  • Logic Sync Out voltage: 5 V (TTL)
  • Trigger In voltage: 5 v (TTL)
  • Remote-control interface: USB
  • Front panel ports: Luer female
  • Rear panel ports: 0.15” flex tubing barb (4
  • Power requirements :   120/240 VAC, 50 A
  • Dimensions: 9” Lx 9” W x 4” H

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