BCON BioContainment System

Article reference: LP-BCON

The BCON BioContainment System is an easy to use BSL-3 housing system for mice (with Supermouse 750 or Supermouse 1800 cages) or rats (with OneCage/OneCage2100 vages). The system has negative cages in a negative rack, providing double protection for the staff.



BCON BioContainment System

  • Negative cages in controlled environment cabinet for housing mice in ABSL-3
  • Dual layer protection: Mechanical and air curtain barriers between cages and room
  • Containment and micro isolation: cage tot cage, cage to room and room to cage
  • Airlock Cage Exhaust with negative pressure; cages do not become possitive
  • Cage filtertop locking security with quick and quiet operation
  • Cage Docking Security with automatc visual indicator
  • Micro-Shield Cage filter prolongs life of Hepa filter
  • Available UPS battery system maintains rack ventilation during power outages
  • During airflow disruption cages revert to static mode; animals can breathe
  • Minimal components for ease of use and excellent cage visibility.
  • Decontamination of entire system; Chlorine Dioxide Gas or vapourized Hydrogen Peroxyde

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