DAS-8001 Data Acquisition System

Article reference: 11095

The DAS-8001 console system programs and scans IPTT programmable temperature transponders and IPT programmable transponders. After exchanging probes the DAS-8001 scans IMI read-only transponders. The system can be connected to a broad range of personal computers and digital devices, allowing the user to work with almost any peripheral device, such as calipers, weighing scales and barcode readers. On board menu structures allow independent keyboard-free operation, making the DAS-8001 the perfect stand alone data collection system.


DAS-8001 Data Acquisition System

  • Freedom of movement whilst saving data and/or transferring to a computer
  • White high impact plastic casing
  • Easy to use user menu and password protection to prevent non-permissible changes
  • Flexible data formatting for compatibility with all research management software systems
  • Time and date stamp activation for study traceability
  • Connect external devices such as calipers and weighing scales
  • Collected data can be forwarded to a computer for storage, stored internally or written to a memory card
  • Optional wireless communication can be added giving multiple connectivity options to the computer
  • Easy to use with standard computer keyboard
  • Use with any smart probe, wired or wireless
  • Five additional data ports: 2 serial, 2 USB and 1 keyboard
  • Works with one of the following probes : RSP-8004, RSP-8005, RSP-8025, FSP-7005 and  VSP-7005

The DAS-8001 Data Aquisition System works with all transponders, depending on the probe.

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