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DAS-8006 Wireless Reader System for IMI

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The DAS-8006 Reader is a hand-held device for reading read-only transponders. The reader has a bright display for displaying data and for accessing menu options. The user menu includes features such as time stamp, ID storage, ID mapping, setup, and battery level. The reader’s control panel gives a visual indication that the reader is in scanning or programming mode, and temporarily overrides the display to minimize interference. The lithium rechargeable batteries are user replaceable.



DAS-8006 Wireless Reader System for IMI

  • Freedom of movement whilst saving data and/or transferring to a computer
  • White high impact plastic casing
  • A display that ‘flips’ for left or right-handed users
  • Can store 10,000 data records and mapped ID’s for cross referencing
  • Internal function for mapping transponder numbers to the client’s own animal ID system.
  • Easy to use user menu and password protection to prevent non-permissible changes
  • Dedicated wireless communication between reader and COM module for data transfer (optional for IUS, that uses USB cable as standard)
  • Any number of readers can be paired with the same communication module
  • Can be used hands-free when docked in the stand
  • Flexible data formatting for compatibility with all research management software systems
  • Direct power supply to reader

Transponders that can be used with the DAS-8006 readers: IMI-400 / IMI-500 / IMI-1000

Product Code11279
Wireless Connectiono
USB Connection
Charging via cable
√ = available - = not available o = optional

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