DAS-8016 IMI Pocket Reader

Article reference: 11297

The DAS-8016 Pocket Reader is a handheld electronic device for reading and displaying the user ID in BMDS IMI-400, IMI- 500 and IMI-1000 transponders. This system is a compact and completely self contained portable reader, with the ability to be used in a wired (USB port or Keyboard out) or wireless (Communication Module or Bluetooth) configuration.


DAS-8016 IMI Pocket Reader

  • Small scan head for easier orientation
  • Beep and scan operation
  • Ability to store and download around 500 IDs
  • White high impact plastic casing
  • Portable operation via internal, rechargeable, replaceable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Auto read mode for continuous read applications
  • Directly operate and charge via a standard serial data
  • USB port (no additional interface hardware required)
  • Option to add Wireless Interface to Bluetooth HID equipped device or Wireless Communication Module
  • Optional reader stand available
  • Built-in Full-Size Serial USB Out
  • Dimensions 5,44cm (W) x 4,09cm(D) x 21,66cm (L)


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