DAS-8020 Smart Probe Interface with Data Display

Article reference: 11282

The DAS-8020 Smart Probe Interface with Data Display provides power to the probe and formats the returned data for display and transfer to a computer or terminal via a USB serial, USB keyboard or RS232 with a DB9 connector serial data ports. An LED verifies the probe and USB connection. The DAS-8020 two-way interface also enables serial communication directly with the probe allowing the features of DAShost software to be utilised for special applications i.e. data mapping and data configuration.


DAS-8020 Smart Probe Interface with Data Display

  • Simple and compact system for interfacing with the RSP-8004, RSP-8005 and RSP-8025 probes
  • 20 character, 2 line OLED bright display
  • LED indicator for USB and probe connection
  • Three data ports available; USB serial, USB keyboard, RS-232 Serial with a DB9 connector
  • Front power switch for smart probe
  • Single international power supply
  • Isolation circuitry to protect the equipment’s performance
  • Can display both original and mapped ID simultaneously
  • Comes with a heavy metal base that can also hold the smart probe or they can be mounted individually

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