Dog Castle Tunnel

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The Dog Castle Tunnel is a complete dog play area system.  It comprises ramps for climbing, a play tunnel and an area underneath to explore. In-ground or surface mount options are available for indoor or outdoor application. 


Red/Blue, Green/Natural


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Red/Blue, Green/Natural


Dog Castle Tunnel

The Dog Castle Tunnel is manufactured almost entirely from recycled plastic, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.  Its robust and durable design ensures longevity by reducing the risk of rust, rot, splinter or corrosion.

It includes: 

  • 2x 40 degree Dog Ramps 
  • 4x Dog House Crawls 
  • 2x Dog Leaps 
  • 4x Dog Bone Barriers 
  • Dog Bone accent A Frame Roof 
  • Crawl Tube 60 cm diameter x 100 cm length  

Technical Information 

  • Dimensions: 5.18m L x 1.2m W x 3.30m H 
  • Platform Height : 101 cm 
  • Approx. Weight : 453 kg 
  • Avg nr of recycled water bottles used : 34,705
  • Standard Mount: In-Ground 
  • Colour Scheme: Blue/Red or Green/Natural 
  • Material: Heavy duty recycled plastic · Assembly required 



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