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Dustless Precision Pellets, Purified

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Dustless Precision Pellets, Purified
14 mg: 50.000/Box
20 mg: 50.000/Box
45 mg: 50.000/Box
300 mg: 20.000/Box
1 gram: 5.000/Box




Dustless Precision Pellets, Purified

  • Precise size and weight pellets generally used in nutritional and behavioral studies
  • Dustless and fracture free! Superior performance in automatic feeders
  • Nutritionally complete purified formula
  • Wide range of weights: 14 mg to 1 gr
  • Available in grain-based formula
  • Every batch tested for hardness, weight and height
  • Custom flavours and colours available upon request
  • Nutritionally Assayed

Shelf Life: 12 months, cool and dry storage

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