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EZ-Dock SMARTBOX® Euthanasia Station

Article reference: EZ-DOC

The EZ Dock System is an automated home cage euthanasia system.  The docking station is available for Tecniplast Greenline GM500 or Emerald EM500 mouse cages, Allentown NextGen and NexGen MaxMouse cages, Optimice cages and Innovive Mouse cages.  The euthanasia cycle starts automatically when the cage is docked, and will shut off automatically if the cage is removed during the cycle.

The system has been designed to be convenient, automatic, safe and EZ!



EZ-Dock SMARTBOX® Euthanasia Station

The system works as follows:

  • Connect CO2 supply (uses house gas or bottle CO2)
  • Insert cage into docking station
  • The LED indicator light will change to show the start of the cycle
  • The cage locks securely into place
  • The cycle will run until completion
  • The indicator light will show when the cycle is complete
  • The cage can be safely removed at this point

Technical Information :

  • Power requirement 120/240 VAC
  • Required Pressure CO2: between 1 and 6 bar
  • Output Flowate : 3.5 LPM
  • Factory time settings : 5 minute charge, 3 min dwell
  • Dimensions : 47 x 18 x 17 cm (LxWxH)

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