EZ-Heat Surgical Bed Warming System

Article reference: EZ-1000

The EZ-Heat Surgical Bed Warming System is an extremely user-friendly system that allows up to four connected beds to help maintain the patients’ body temperatures during surgical procedures. This patented warming system allows the user to heat the induction chamber and warming beds simultaneously.



EZ-Heat Surgical Bed Warming System

  • Heating bed temperatures can be set from 29.5 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Bed temperatures can be adjusted in the administrator options or directly from the status screen when permitted by the administrator.
  • Each of the warming circuits displays the elapsed time and the set temperature, which can be set individually.
  • All settings made in the administrator section are password-protected to ensure total security from tampering individuals.
  • The heating bed also allows the option to mount the Microflex Breather and works in perfect harmony with all E-Z Anesthesia systems.

EZ-HEAT System Includes:

  • 1 EZ-HEAT Controller
  • 1 Heating Bed (Flat, V-shaped, Rat/Chamber)
  • Extra beds can be ordered seperately



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