EZ-SA800 Single Animal System

Article reference: EZ-SA800

The EZ-SA800 Single Animal System accommodates animals ranging in size from neonate mice to rabbits and is designed for anaesthetising one animal at a time. It has 2 valves that enable anaesthesia output to be directed to the induction chamber and/or the breathing circuit.


EZ-SA800 Single Animal System

  • Accomodates animals ranging in size from neonate mice to rabbits
  • Designed for treatment of one animal at a time
  • Single Animal TEC3 Vaporizer
  • Valve to switch on/off breather, 3 way valve switch on/of and purge the induction chamber
  • Y-Splitter valve directs anaesthetic output to both the induction chamber and the breathing circuit
  • Oxygen flush purges induction chamber before removing the animal
  • Carry handle facilitates safe, easy transport of the unit

The EZ-SA800 Single Animal System comes standard with:

  • EZ-103A Microflex Breather
  • EZ-178 Induction Chamber
  • Oxygen Regulator
  • 1x Mouse Nosecone
  • 1x Rat Nosecone
  • 2x Plastic Surgery Beds (1 Flat + 1 V-Shaped)
  • 8x Refresh Carbon Filter

A video tutorial is available, please contact our sales consultants for more information.

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