Hydropac™ Enrichment Adapter

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The Hydropac™ Enrichment Adapter is designed to use Hydropac™ Pouches in different cage types. Place the Adapter inside the cage and the animals can easily reach the Sterile Disposable Valve™. The lid of the cage closes the top of the adapter, therefore the animals can’t come in direct contact with the Pouch.



Hydropac™ Enrichment Adapter

  • Combination of mouse retreat and pouch holder
  • Bottom retreat in red makes animal believe it’s in a dark shelter
  • Valve position easily reachable for animals, also juvenile and ill animals
  • Fits in most mice cages
  • Designed for Tecniplast Blue Line IVC
  • Transparant Pouch Holder for clear visibility of the Pouch
  • Polycarbonate version is autoclavable @ 121 ºC
  • Polysulfone version is autoclavable @ 134 ºC

Hydropac™ Enrichment Adapter 12 cm: red retreat / transparent Pouch Holder
Hydropac™ Enrichment Adapter 15 cm: transparent retreat / transparent Pouch Holder


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