Hydropac™ Master Carton 2500

Article reference: HYP-2520

The AWS-2500 Master Carton provides materials to produce 18 000 Hydropac™ Pouch and sterile Disposable Valve™ assemblies. Each Master Carton contains 9 rolls of Hydroseal™ Pouch Film, and 18 000 valves. Individual rolls of pouch film are wrapped in a plastic bag and further protected by plastic end caps. The sterile (gamma irradiated) Disposable Valve™ is packaged in 100-count disposable plastic trays, 60 trays per box, 3 boxes per Master Carton.


Hydropac™ Master Carton 2500

Hydroseal™ Pouch Film

  • 9x AWS-2500 film rolls yield approximately 2.000 Pouches per roll for a total of 18.000 Pouches
  • Specially formulated (FDA-grade) for reliable performance
  • Allows easy observations of pouch contents
  • Pouches are ergonomic to handle and store compactly
  • Allows easy dosing and sampling with Silicone Patch
  • Compliant with US guidelines for direct food contact
  • Film loads in minutes onto Pouch Machine

Sterile Disposable Valve™

The Hydropac™ sterile (gamma irradiated) Disposable Valve™ delivers water from Hydropac™ Pouches to laboratory rodents. This patented, single-use, drip-free valve minimizes the potential for cross-contamination, conserves water and helps keep cages drier. With a 2-gram actuation force, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice and even weanlings readily access water at will. Designed for use in Hydropac™ Modular Diet Delivery Systems, you can also use the Disposable Valve™ with a wide variety of wire bar lids (adapter required). To install, just press a valve into place and you’re ready to install a Hydropac™ Pouch. As the tip of the valve pierces the specially formulated Hydroseal™ Pouch material, it creates a drip-free seal.

  • Sterile, single-use valve minimizes cross-contamination risk
  • For mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs
  • Weanlings access water with only 2 grams of pressure
  • Drip-free, patented design keeps cages drier
  • Requires “no priming”
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 100 per disposable tray
  • Works with Hydropac™ Modular Diet Delivery Systems
  • Fits a wide variety of wire bar lid designs (with adapter)

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  • AWS-2500 Pouch Machine

    The Hydropac™ AWS-2500 Pouch Machine is an automatic packaging machine that produces water filled Hydropac™ Pouches using specially formulated Hydroseal™ Pouch Film. Filled pouches are a convenient, reliable and economical drinking water source for virtually all research rodents, and can be stored for extended periods, while maintaining water quality. Producing up to 600 pouches an hour (10 per minute), the machine is operated through a user friendly, Touch Screen Control Panel. Water pouch size is selectable.

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  • Hydropac™ Pre-Filled Pouch

    The Pre-filled Pouches are supplied in polypropylene cases of 25. Pouches are processed with 384 ml of water that has been filtered from 10 microns to 0.1 microns, and chlorinated to 4ppm. Chemical analysis and microbiological reports are available upon request. Pouches are available to order from a minimum of 4 cases (100 pouches), and each order is completed with sterile packed valves (100 per box).

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  • Manifold Unit

    The Hydropac™ Manifold Unit provides clean, reliable drinking water for research animals with a multi-barrier approach that includes filtering facility water and treating water with chemical additives. The Manifold Unit with Water Treatment Proportioner and Ultra Filtration Systems permits precise injection of chemical additives and provides ultra-filtration to meet the most demanding research protocols. Operating with water flowing through the Manifold Unit, the Water Treatment Proportioner provides a precise, reliable, non-electric method for in-line injection of any liquid, such as diluted chlorine or other chemical additives. A 10-micron pre-filter conditions facility water as it flows into the unit. Three additional filters step down from 1.2 microns, to 0.2 microns, and finally to a 0.1 sub-micron ultra filter, which removes virtually all microbes from facility water.

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