Hydropac™ Master Carton 5000

Article reference: HYP-5300VS

The AWS-5000 Master Carton provides materials to produce 72 000 Hydropac™ Pouch and sterile Disposable Valve™ assemblies. Each Master Carton includes 12 rolls of Hydroseal™ Pouch Film and 72 000 valves. Individual rolls of pouch film are wrapped in a plastic bag and further protected by plastic end caps. The sterile (gamma irradiated) Disposable Valve™ is packaged in 100-count disposable plastic trays, 60 trays per box, and twelve boxes per Master Carton.


Hydropac™ Master Carton 5000


  • 12x AWS-5000 film rolls yield approximately 6.000 Pouches per roll for a total of 72.000 pouches
  • Specially formulated (FDA-grade) for reliable performance
  • Allows easy observations of pouch contents
  • Pouches are ergonomic to handle and store compactly
  • Allows easy dosing and sampling with Silicone Patch
  • Compliant with US guidelines for direct food contact
  • Film loads in minutes onto Pouch Machine

Sterile Disposable Valve™

The Hydropac™ sterile (gamma irradiated) Disposable Valve™ delivers water from Hydropac™ Pouches to laboratory rodents. This patented, single-use, drip-free valve minimizes the potential for cross-contamination, conserves water and helps keep cages drier. With a 2-gram actuation force, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice and even weanlings readily access water at will. Designed for use in Hydropac™ Modular Diet Delivery Systems, you can also use the Disposable Valve™ with a wide variety of wire bar lids (adapter required). To install, just press a valve into place and you’re ready to install a Hydropac™ Pouch. As the tip of the valve pierces the specially formulated Hydroseal™ Pouch material, it creates a drip-free seal.

  • Sterile, single-use valve minimizes cross-contamination risk
  • For mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs
  • Weanlings access water with only 2 grams of pressure
  • Drip-free, patented design keeps cages drier
  • Requires “no priming”
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 100 per disposable tray
  • Works with Hydropac™ Modular Diet Delivery Systems
  • Fits a wide variety of wire bar lid designs (with adapter)

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