Hydropac™ Tote Containers

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Each Tote Container stores up to 30 water filled Hydropac™ Pouches, providing a convenient, compact and ergonomic method for managing large or small watering needs. Totes stack securely, nest efficiently when empty and are made from translucent polypropylene for easy visibility of contents. Totes include a two-flap interlocking cover attached with stainless steel hinges and reinforced tabs for optional locking. Filled pouches can be stored in Totes for extended periods while maintaining water quality–a convenient method for maintaining emergency supplies.



Hydropac™ Tote Containers

  • Container for storing up to 30 Hydropac™ pouches
  • Compact form factor, ergonomic
  • Stackable
  • Translucent, for inspecting contents
  • Two flap interlocking cover with stainless steel hinges
  • Locking tabs for additional locking
  • Tote Transport Cart are available for efficiently transporting filled Totes

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