Imaging Breather Blocks

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The Imaging Breather Blocks can be integrated into a wide range of imaging systems and are designed for use with animals weighing up to 500 grams. The breathers are low profile with a complete plastic construction that utilizes threaded mounting holes. The tight fitting nosecones eliminate gas leakages and protect staff from gas exposure.



Imaging Breather Blocks

  • Designed for use with MRI, X-ray and other imaging equipment
  • Multi-Animal Breathers from 1 mouse/rat until 5 mice or 3 rats
  • All ports operate in a level plane of anaesthesia
  • Single gas line supplies multiple outputs
  • Exhaust line runs to a charcoal filter for safe gas evacuation
  • Breather includes  mouse nosecones & rat nosecones
  • Efficiently delivers anaesthetic gas to the animal during procedure
  • Animals can be safely anaesthetized for up to 12 hours
  • Incorporates a patented valve that mitigates the gas flow to the nosecone
  • Custom imaging breathers can be designed to suit your exact requirements, please contact us for more details

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