IMI-500 Read Only Transponder

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The IMI-500 Read Only Transponder is ideal for rodents and small animals. The transponders are read only but with the additional mapping function the users own animal ID codes can be utilised.

100 p/Box - Sterile


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100 p/Box – Sterile

IMI-500 Read Only Transponder

The IMI-500 read-only transponder is identical in function to the IMI-1000 Read Only Transponder, but in a smaller package.

  • Fail-Safe animal identification
  • Unique 10-digit alpha-numeric number
  • Can be easily injected subcutaneously by one person
  • Encapsulated in biocompatible glass
  • Ergonomic design integrates injection handle, stainless steel needle and drive pin
  • Anti-migration coating
  • Harmless non-surgical implantation
  • Can be used for long term-term storage in cold or liquid preservative tissue
  • Battery-Free Transponder
  • Read Distance: 7-9 cm, depending on Reader

Transponder: 8 x 1,4 mm / 40 mg
Size Canula: 15G

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  • DAS-8001 Data Acquisition System

    The DAS-8001 console system programs and scans IPTT programmable temperature transponders and IPT programmable transponders. After exchanging probes the DAS-8001 scans IMI read-only transponders. The system can be connected to a broad range of personal computers and digital devices, allowing the user to work with almost any peripheral device, such as calipers, weighing scales and barcode readers. On board menu structures allow independent keyboard-free operation, making the DAS-8001 the perfect stand alone data collection system.

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  • RSP-8004 Round Smart Probe for IMI

    The RSP-8004 Smart Probe is specifically designed to read IMI-400, IMI-500 and IMI-1000 read-only transponders and to integrate with the DAS-8000 Data Acquisition Systems for collecting animal identification and additional data. The Smart Probe can be handheld or placed in a probe holder for hands free use.

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  • DAS-8006 Wireless Reader System for IMI

    The DAS-8006 Reader is a hand-held device for reading read-only transponders. The reader has a bright display for displaying data and for accessing menu options. The user menu includes features such as time stamp, ID storage, ID mapping, setup, and battery level. The reader’s control panel gives a visual indication that the reader is in scanning or programming mode, and temporarily overrides the display to minimize interference. The lithium rechargeable batteries are user replaceable.

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