LAbREED™ Zebrafish Rack

Article reference: ITS-Z

The LAbREED™ Zebrafish Rack can hold 5 or 6 rows of Zebrafish Tanks with volumes of 2, 4.5 or 9 litre. The Iwaki Aquatic Life Support Controller monitors and controls the system with any internet ready device and cloud based software and sends out emails or SMS when parameters are out of range. The Iwaki precision pumps accurately dose required chemicals which together with the filtration system will keep the water in optimal condition.



LAbREED™ Zebrafish Rack

System Features

  • Easy access to all components including UV, titanium heater, pumps and web enabled controller
  • Available in stand-alone, flow-through and multi-rack configurations
  • Constant flow technology with Iwaki Aquatic pumps that are speed controlled based on system pressure to maintain constant flow to the fish holding tanks
  • Powder coated aluminum or stainless steel racks with leveling feet options
  • Open shelving provides easy access to tanks,water feed and drain manifolds
  • Available shelf spacing options for various clearances above holding tanks
  • Modular rack design allows additional tank holding levels to be added to the top of the rack and allows the rack system to be easily reconfigured as your lab needs change
  • System plumbing is designed with unions in strategic locations so the entire system can be easily disassembled for cleaning
  • Titanium heater standard for 5C heat-up with titanium chiller option

Filtration System

  • Low maintenance oversized moving bed biofilter
  • Stainless steel UV unit
  • Large capacity 50-micron cartridge filter
  • 600 gram capacity activated carbon filter
  • Submerged 200 micron pre-filter bag

Life Support Controller

  • Monitor and control your system remotely with any internet ready device and our powerful cloud based software platform
  • Sends email or SMS text alerts when parameters are out of range
  • Chart/graph water quality parameters over time. Up to 90 days with 15 minute sampling intervals
  • Standard with pH, temperature, conductivity sensors and dosing control
  • System includes level and flow sensors for safety and shut-down of electrical components in the event of a low water or low flow situation

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