Mouse MD’s™ – Baytril

Article reference: MD300-050

Mouse MD’s™ – Baytril
0,5 mg Baytril per tablet
100 /Bottle


Mouse MD’s™ – Baytril

  • Highly palatable, nutritionally complete, grain-based, bacon flavoured tablets
  • 5 gram scored tablet offers accurate and flexible dosing
  • Convenient and safe alternative to traditional dosing methods
  • Easy to administer: Place on cage floor for easy access
  • Tablets are formulated to meet the daily nutritional and medication requirements of rodents
  • More convenient and less risk of dehydration compared to using medicated water
  • Cold tableting process eliminates drug degradation
  • Placebo tablet available

Shelf Life: 6 months, cool and dry storage
5 gram tablet 2,5 x 2 cm (diameter x high)
Mouse Average Dose: One 5 gram Tablet/Mouse

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