Primate MD’s™, Anti-inflammatory

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Primate MD’s™, Anti-inflammatory
100 /Bottle
Drug, dosage and flavour:
Aspirin 80 mg/tablet, Cherry flavour
Meloxicam 0,8 mg/tablet, Grape flavour
Rimadyl 15 mg/tablet, Cherry flavour
Gabapentin, 90 mg/Tablet, Grape flavour



Primate MD’s™, Anti-inflammatory

  • Chewable, flavored, medicated tablet replaces more stressful dosing methods
  • Tablet consistency ensures accurate dosing
  • Scored 5 gram tablet for flexible dose administration
  • Cold tableting process eliminates drug degradation
  • No heat or water used in processing
  • Highly palatable sugar-based formula with excellent drug masking capabilities
  • Reduces time, labor and stress compared to traditional dosing methods
  • MD’s can be customized to meet specific requirements
  • Placebo tablet available

Shelf Life: 6-24 months, depending by the drug expiration date, cool and dry storage
5 gram tablet 2,5 x 2 cm (diameter x high)


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