Metabolic cage

Article reference: LP 2100M

Accommodating mice or rats, our Metabolic Cages offer 99% separation efficiency of urine and faeces, assuring maximum purity of samples. Each cage may be placed on a single cage stand or a stainless steel rack accommodating up to eight cages. Animal waste is directed through a collection funnel and onto a linear diffuser. The diffuser allows solid matter to travel down the top ridges of a 50% incline, passing over a urine port, and into a faecal collection vessel. Liquid waste flows along grooves down the inclined diffuser, passing through the urine port, and into a urine collection vessel. A urine deflector prevents excess urine from splashing and contaminating faecal specimen. Separate urine and faeces samples are collected in two standard 50 ml. centrifuge vessels.



Metabolic cage

  • Polycarbonate cage design in a stainless steel frame
  • This cage can be set up for Mice or Rats by  configuring grid and feeder attachment
  • Permits a 99% efficiency during waste material seperation and assuring samples with a maximum of purity
  • Less detachable small parts in order to gain time and make daily tasks easier and quicker to perform
  • Only 11 parts in total, cage parts can be exchanged easily
  • Available as a single unit or in a 8 cage rack
  • Extremely easy to clean and autoclave
  • Maximum animal visibility