Nutra Gel

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Nutra-Gel – Sterile
60 cups/case (28,35 gram/cup)
40 cups/case (56,70 gram/cup)




Nutra-Gel, Complete Nutrition

  • Gelled, 100% highly palatable, nutritionally complete purified (AIN 93G), bacon flavored diet
  • Provides both food and water to rodents
  • Convenient and economical; ready to serve in single use serving sizes
  • Use with the Pyramid Feeder for easy acces
  • Economical and easy to use requiring no refrigeration or special storage Phytoestrogen free
  • Bacon flavor stimulates appetite
  • Use for chewing and mobility impairments, recovering and debilitated rodents, weanlings and transportation
  • Thermo reversible: Medications can be added for stress-free oral dosing
  • Nutritionally assayed
  • Gamma Irradiated

Shelf Life: 6 months, cool and dry storage


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