Prang – Oral Rehydrator

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Certified (Contaminant Screened)
0,1 kg /Jar (makes 3,8 L)
10 kg /Jar (makes 36 L)



PRANG™ – Oral Rehydrator

  • Flavoured oral rehydrator with electrolytes and Vitamin C in a powder form. Just add water.
  • Excellent for crashing, recovering and debilitating conditions
  • Balanced mineral and glucose levels for quick energy
  • Combines the benefits of both Gatorade and Tang with less sugar.
  • Freeze it in block form to provide extra cooling with warm weather, you can also freeze small foraging treats into for added interest
  • Nutritionally Assayed

Shelf Life dry mix: 12 months, cool and dry storage
Shelf Life prepared: 7 days, refrigerated



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