Preset Regulator

Article reference: EP-1150-P

The EP-1150-Preset Regulator connects directly to CO2 cylinders. For use with equipment that requires a specific incoming pressure like the Smartbox® Prodigy. Includes 6 ft hose with Quick Disconnect fitting, pressure preset at factory.


Preset Regulator

  • 0 – 50 PSI Output
  • Connects directly to the CO2 cylinder
  • Tank connection type needs to be specified
  • For use with equipment that requires a specific incoming pressure
  • Pressure preset at factory.
  • Includes 6 foot hose with quick disconnect fitting.

Related Products

  • Tamper-Proof CO₂ Flowmeter

    The Tamper-Proof Flowmeter line allows the user to simply turn an on/off valve to start the gas at the predetermined flow rate. No adjustment is required by the operator. This preset ensures the right flow rates are being used every time. The Tamper-Proof line is factory preset for your cage size and flow rate(s). Flow rate(s) may be changed on-site only by designated facility personnel with specialized tools

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  • Electrically Heated Flow Regulator

    The EA-285 Electrically Heated Flow Regulator connects directly to CO2 cylinders. Incorporated heater prevents regulator from freezing. Improves animal welfare because the warm CO2 is easier to breathe than the cold one.

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  • Smartbox® Prodigy Plus Lab Control Unit

    The SMARTBOX® Prodigy Plus Touch Screen Controller allows administrators to program an unlimited number of cages and sizes, all while an administrator only needs to select the flow rate percentage. The EA-36000P will automatically calculate the required flow rate. An unlimited number of password-protected users adds even more flexibility. Each user can only see the cages authorized by the administrator. The user can connect up to 3 cages at one time. The Touch Screen display shows the cycle, cycle time, and total time remaining.By utilising the animals home cage and a slow fill rate (10-30% per min) for the procedure this system is designed to provide rodent CO2euthanasia with minimum stress. Using simple touch screen controls the Prodigy System allows the administrator to program an unlimited number of cage sizes with pre-set flow rates and dwell times that cannot be changed by the users.

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