Rabbit Cage Racks Type 5400

Article reference: R5400

The Rabbit Cage Racks type 5400 are suitable for rabbits over 5 kg according to EU standards. They are available in 2 or 3,  cage configuration with cage bottoms made out of Lurane or Noryl and posibility of interlocking with other racks of the same size to increase floor area.



Rabbit Cage Racks Type 5400

  • Conforms to the EU-Guidelines ETS 123 for rabbits of 5 kg and more
  • Floor Area 5.400 cm² Internal cage height 60 cm
  • Noryl Cage bottom and collecting trays; highly resistant to acid and urine and autoclavable upto 120°c
  • Side panels are removable, made of Trespa or transparent polycarbonate
  • Rack, back panels, top panel and wire bar front doors made of stainless steel
  • Cage Bottom dimensions: 855 x 775 x 100 mm (WxDxH)
  • Standard Rack complete with food hoppers, waterbottles 750 ml, waste trays and Trespa sidepanels
  • Optional Resting board 1945 cm², sidepanels of transparent polycarbonate, automatic watering
Number of CagesInterconnectingInternal
Cage Height
Rack Width
Rack Depth
Rack Height

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