Refresh Charcoal Filter

Article reference: EZ-258

The Refresh Charcoal Filter absorbs isoflurane and returns clean air to the room. Long term exposure to anaesthetic gas can be toxic to personnel. It is important to limit exposure and the EZ-Anaesthesia evacuation systems will effectively reduce gas escape. Passive evacuation works with the natural flow of the anaesthesia system pushing waste gas into a charcoal canister by following the path of least resistance.


Refresh Charcoal Filter

  • High efficiency charcoal absorbs 25% of its own weight in isoflurane
  • Easy to monitor canister weight indicates saturation point and need for filter change
  • Saturated canisters must be discarded when they reach weigh
  • ReFresh Charcoal Filter Canister lasts twice as long as the standard filter canister
  • Sold in cases of eight (8)

Independent Test Results of the ReFresh Filter
A third party testing facility compared the EZ-Anaesthesia ReFresh filter with other commonly used filters. The facility introduced 2% isoflurane in medical air into each filter at 1 litre/min flow rate. The test was terminated at the manufacturers’ recommended saturation point for each filter. The ReFresh filter lasted over two times as long as the other filters with zero waste gas emissions. In conclusion, the ReFresh filter produces less waste, increased convenience and significant cost savings

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