Rodent Diet – Nutra-Gel

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Nutra-Gel Diet
Grain Based Formula – Cherry Flavour
Purified Formula – Bacon Flavour



Rodent diet – Nutra-Gel

  • Kit provides the powdered diet and trays to make Nutra-Gel
  • Easy to prepare just add hot water and mix according to directions
  • Each kit makes 4 trays of 16 cubes at 40 grams/cube of diet
  • Prepare desired quantities of Nutra-Gel as needed
  • Allows incorporation of drugs into the diet for ease of delivery
  • Provides both food and water
  • Use for chewing and mobility impairments, post op care, and weanlings
  • Powder is stable for long transit time in delivery
  • Nutritionally assayed

Shelf Life: 6 months, refrigerated

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