Sensors for MouseOx Plus®

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The MouseOx Plus® has multiple sensors available to monitor or record measurements on both conscious and anaesthetised mice, rats and other small animals.

Available sensors :
Mouse Thigh Sensor
Mouse Paw Sensor
Rat Foot Sensor
Throat Sensor
Collar Sensor
MRI Compatible Sensor
Temperature Sensor



Sensors for MouseOx Plus®

  • Record & monitor both anaesthetised & conscious subjects
  • Choose best sensor location according to application
  • MRI compatible senor available
  • Obtain several physiological parameters with a single sensor
  • Monitor core body temperature with the optional temperature sensor probe

Available Sensors :

  • Mouse Thigh Sensor is used with anaesthetised mice by providing a strong signal from femoral artery.
  • Mouse Paw Sensor is used on the paw of anaesthetised mice. The sensor can be used to obtain measurements from a mouse tail.
  • Rat Foot Sensor is used with an anaesthetised rat’s foot
  • Throat Sensor is used with an anaesthetised animal in the supine position by obtaining a strong signal from the carotid arteries.
  • Collar Sensor is used with Concious or Anaesthetised animal in the prone position by obtaining a strong signal from the carotid arteries.
  • MRI Compatible Sensor is for anaesthetised subjects and can be used in small, large and closed bore MRI environments up to 19T.  The MRI Compatible Sensor can also be used in conjunction with MouseOx Plus Temperature Sensor.
  • Temperature Sensor can measure Mouse or Rat core body temperature with the addition of the Rectal Temperature Sensor and Temperature Software.

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