Software for MouseOx Plus®

Article reference: MOX-SFTWMOD

The versatility of MouseOx Plus’s Software Modules allow it to be used as a surgical vital sign monitor for a wide variety of life science research models. Whether you need to simply monitor vital signs, or record data from anaesthetised or conscious  mice or rats, we have a software module to meet your research needs.

Available software modules :



Software for MouseOx Plus®

  • 4 separate modules
  • Options to monitor or record data
  • Standard and Premium software version available
  • Easily add temperature monitoring
  • Monitor vital signs of your subject while under anaesthesia
  • Set alarms while monitoring vital signs to keep your subjects safe
  • Record data in real-time and add file markers for important events
  • Enhanced filters provides the ability to obtain measurements on conscious, unrestrained animal
  • Add temperature monitoring to any of the MouseOx Software Modules

The following software modules are available :

  • Standard Software Module – included with all MouseOx Plus systems and is intended for basic monitoring applications, it provides Heart Rate, Saturation (SpO2), Respiratory Rate, Breath Distension and Pulse Distension.
  • Premium Software Module - includes trending charts, real time recording options, file markers for noting important events, and a quick averaging diagnostic feature for spot-checking.
  • Conscious Software Module –  includes enhanced filters and control algorithms which optimize the MouseOx® Plus for use on conscious, moving subjects
  • Temperature Software Module - allows the researcher to monitor temperature of subjects using a rectal thermometer attached to the MouseOx Plus.

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