SuperMouse 1800™ Micro-Isolator

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The Super Mouse 1800™ Micro-Isolator provides high density housing for your mouse breeding or group housing needs. Designed with minimal components to simplify handling, reduce inventory and increase your productivity. The Super Mouse 1800™ Micro-Isolator is supplied complete with cage bottom , Allerzone™ filter top and Diet Delivery System. Parts and accessories can also be ordered separately.



SuperMouse 1800™

  • Cage with wire bar integrated in low profile filter top
  • Allerzone™ System keeps cage particulate away from the room and room air out of the cage
  • Easy access to animal, fast cage changing
  • Filter changing is very easy due to unique design and filter replacement device
  • Available in Polycarbonate, Zyfone™ (Polysulfone) and Zytem™ (Polythermide)
  • Polycarbonate is autoclavable @ 121 ºC
  • Zyfone™ is autoclavable @ 134 ºC and has a two year warranty
  • Zytem™ is autoclavable @ 134 ºC and has a five year warranty
  • Floor area of >1161 cm₂, internal height 14 cm
Mice per cage
<20 g<25 g<30 g>30 g
Hamsters per cage
<60 g<100 g>100 g

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