Mini Treats

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Certified (Contaminant Screened)
1.000 /Bag
5.000 /Box
1.000 /Bag – Sterile



Mini Treats

  • A better alternative to high-sugar cereals and other less nutritious treats that can effect studies and animals’ overall health
  • 100% nutritionally complete by NRC Standards
  • Contains Vitamins C and D3 for those species requiring the essentials
  • Suitable for use in TOX and GLP studies
  • Appetizing aroma helps to deter rodent maternal cannibalism; chocolate and very berry flavor recommended
  • Comes in exact 1 gram round, gum ball-shaped, pellets. Makes documenting food intake easy
  • Available flavours : Banana, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Pina Colada, Very Berry
  • Feeding tubes specifically designed to be used with Mini Treats.
  • Sterile or non sterile
  • Bag of 1000 or box of 5000

Sterile version available (Irradiated)
Shelf Life: 12 months, cool and dry storage

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