Article reference: SC 17005

The SychemAIR air shower offers an outstanding level of particle removal ensuring protection for your animals, staff and biomedical research.

The self contained unit utilises high efficiency air flow to effectively remove all types of contaminants from every individual, reducing their contamination level before passing into a lower contamination area. The nozzles are designed to efficiently blow air from various angles, into the centre of the chamber. SychemAIR utilises multiple fans in strategic locations, allowing for redundant airflow, and increasing the unit’s reliability.



  • Durable design. The complete stainless steel body has been designed for easy cleaning, longevity, and resistance to scratches.
  • Self contained system. The system is maintened from within the air shower (access through the ceiling). The floor can be easily removed, enabling the user to vacuum away any first and dust.
  • Increased security. The 3 safety stop push buttons (1 internal and 2 external) allow the machine to be stopped at any point of use. Each door has two magnet locks to prevent premature door opening, securing the airflow while the cycle is running.
  • User-friendly. Each cycle is completed in less than a minute, from pressing the door release button, through to stepping out onto the clean side.
  • Dimensions: 1200 W x 2328 H x 1268 D mm
  • Noise Level: tbc
  • Weight: tbc
  • Air velocity: 25 m/s

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  • SychemWASTE

    SychemWASTE is a flexible bedding disposal station, designed to ensure the safe disposal of laboratory animal bedding. The bedding disposal station comes as standard with a single chute and tabletop, providing a spacious working area.

    The standalone bedding disposal station uses Active Airflow Technology to protect users at work surface level, and when tying off and removing waste bins. Air is drawn away from the user at bin level and passed through a mesh, prefilter and HEPA filter, removing any potential allergens, dust or dander. This protects users from any laboratory animal allergens (LAA’s) released during this procedure.

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  • SychemCHANGE

    The SychemCHANGE is a dual access animal transfer station that provides ease of use and airflow protection to animal technicians.  The Active Airflow Technology provides a clean working environment for cage changes and minor procedures. H14 HEPA filters supply a laminar air flow onto the work surface, ensuring a barrier of protection between animal and operator. This limits the potential for cross-contamination and maximising staff safety.

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  • SychemFILL

    The SychemFILL bedding dispenser offers a simple and efficient filling process that saves time and reduces costs. The ultrasonic dispensers independently monitor bedding dispensing, delivering accurate amounts with a tolerance of ± 4%. This is ideal for filling cages quickly and efficiently and eliminating waste, thus reducing operating costs. Furthermore, the accuracy contributes to reduced variability in any potential studies.

    The active airflow technology utilises a dual mechanical and vacuum system to remove fine particles from bedding before being dispensed.  This protects the user from exposure to dust and particles. A reduction in fine particles in the dispensed bedding helps prolong the life of individually ventilated cage (IVC) lid filters, air handling unit filters and room filtration.

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