Article reference: SC 17004

The SychemSAFETY biosafety cabinet is the ideal choice for your laboratory or research facility whenever operator, environmental and product protection is required.  It has been designed for all biological, microbiological, and tissue culture materials, whether for research or for routine applications. The filtered laminar airflow creates an air flow of HEPA-filtered air onto the work surface. This limits the potential for cross-contamination and maximises staff safety.



  • Efficient HEPA filters. 110 mm HEPA filters with efficiency at 99.999% against 0.3 μm particles, ensuring a clean sterile work chamber environment
  • Flow sensors. The downflow & exhaust fan is constantly monitored via the differential pressure sensors to maintain safe operating conditions. Acoustic and visual alarms alert the user of unsafe airflow conditions.
  • Active Airflow Technology. Provides turbulent-free airflow, protecting your samples against particle contamination.
  • Wide section worktops. Sectional worktops can be provided in different sizes from 300 mm to 1800 mm, and in AISI 316 to enable SychemSAFETY to be configured to your exact practical requirements. 300mm worktops allow loads of up to 50kg.
  • Low Noise Level. The unique design incorporates laminator technology, ensuring true and turbulent-free laminar flow. This results in lower noise levels, and a vibration-free work area. SychemSAFETY operates at a 47 dB(A) noise level at factory settings and comes with Eco- save mode, which results in 37 dB(A).
  • Ease of use. All service functions are performed from the front of the cabinet, including changing the HEPA filters, PCBs, and sensors, and adjustments/ monitoring of alarms and fan speed. The angled pre-filter makes for easy inspection and filter exchnage.
  • Dimensions: 1304 W x 2053 H x 797 D mm
  • Noise Level: 47 db (37 db in eco-save mode)
  • Weight: 192 kg

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    The SychemAIR air shower offers an outstanding level of particle removal ensuring protection for your animals, staff and biomedical research.

    The self contained unit utilises high efficiency air flow to effectively remove all types of contaminants from every individual, reducing their contamination level before passing into a lower contamination area. The nozzles are designed to efficiently blow air from various angles, into the centre of the chamber. SychemAIR utilises multiple fans in strategic locations, allowing for redundant airflow, and increasing the unit’s reliability.

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