Tamper-Proof CO₂ Flowmeter

Article reference: tpflm

The Tamper-Proof Flowmeter line allows the user to simply turn an on/off valve to start the gas at the predetermined flow rate. No adjustment is required by the operator. This preset ensures the right flow rates are being used every time. The Tamper-Proof line is factory preset for your cage size and flow rate(s). Flow rate(s) may be changed on-site only by designated facility personnel with specialized tools



Tamper-Proof Flowmeter

  • Available in low flow (0,5 – 12 LPM) ideal for single cages varying from mice to guinea pig
  • Output hose with quick disconnect for easy connection to Euthanex Cage Lids or Induction Chambers
  • Three mounting options
    • Table stand: allows the user the flexibility to postion the meter in the ideal location. The TS includes a stand, both output and input hose
    • DISS: Fitting connects directly to point of use CO2 source with a standard male DISS 1080 fitting. The DISS includes an output hose
    • Wall Bracket: attach the flowmeter to a wall via two screws. The wall bracket is ideal for forged turrets that are non-removable. Includes a wall bracket as well as both input and output hoses

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