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TP-1000 Temperature Programmable Transponder

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The TP-1000 is a temperature, programmable transponder compatible with all laboratory species.  An ID code of up to 32 alphanumeric characters (including letters, numbers or special symbols) can be programmed directly onto the transponder and read with our DAS 8037 reader system.  The TP-1000 differs from the TP-500 in dimensions, with the TP-1000 measuring slightly larger.


100 per box - Sterile


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100 per box – Sterile

TP-1000 Temperature Programmable Transponder

  • Convenient, humane and reliable
  • Fail-Safe laboratory animal identification
  • User defined identification code
  • Temperature sensor measures the subcutaneous body temperature of the animal
  • Calibrated range of 30°C – 42 °C (+/- 0.4 °C accuracy within this range)
  • Suitable for all laboratory animal species
  • Encapsulated in biocompatible glass
  • Ergonomic design integrates injection handle, stainless steel needle and drive pin
  • Patented anti-migration feature
  • Harmless non-surgical implantation
  • Can be used for long-term storage in cold or liquid preservative for tissue identification
  • Battery-Free transponder
  • Supplied in boxes of 100
  • Supplied in disposable 12 gauge stainless steel needle
  • Read Distance: 7.6 cm, depending on Reader

Dimensions: 2mm D x 14mm L
Size Canula : 12G

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