TT-8200 Tabletop Chamber System

Article reference: TT-8200

The TT-8200 Table Top Chamber automates a three-stage euthanasia cycle: charging, dwell time and exhaust. At the start of a cycle, the chamber lid automatically locks and can’t be unlocked until CO2 evacuation is complete. The clear acrylic structure provides full visibility and a top loading lid makes cage access easy. The airtight gasket sealed lid prevents gas leakage during operation and the manifold design ensures even gas distribution.


TT-8200 Tabletop Chamber System

  • Designed for use when a smaller footprint is required
  • Automated three stage euthanasia cycle at the press of a button
  • Smartbox™ SB-CM2 Controller
  • Double throw switch allows for two different treatment times
  • Lid is automatically locked during operation
  • Microswitch prevents operation when chamber lid is not properly closed
  • Top-loading for easy access of cages
  • Clear polycarbonate construction provides full visibility
  • Airtight gasket prevents leakage
Cage typeType 2Type 2LType 3Type 3HType 4
Number of cages86421


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