Veinlite R

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Veinlite R is a revolutionary new transillumination device designed to detect both veins and arteries in mice and rats. Veinlite R’s new form factor makes it easy, convenient and readily available for assisting with venous and arterial access. The included tail adapters make stabilisation and securing the tail during access effortless. This device features 3 different coloured lights: green for arteries, orange for vein imaging, and a white exam light.


Veinlite R

Ideal for the Research market, Veinlite R® is specifically designed for mice and rats. Powered by one AAA battery, this device features a new, compact form factor that allows for imaging of both arteries and veins. Effortless stabilisation and securing of the vein with the 2 included tail adapters for different sized subjects. You can switch light colour and light intensity for imaging veins, arteries and examination. Attach a lanyard to the cap for easy access anytime.

  • Three LED colours optimised for versatility
    •  Green LED for arteries
    •  Orange LED for veins
    •  White LED for examination
  • Only device on the market for arterial sticks
  • Three switchable levels of brightness
  • Compact form factor
  •  Through-the-body transillumination
  •  Auto shut-off timer
  •  Includes single use barrier covers
  •  Uses AAA 1.5v battery
  •  Weight 29 gm (1.02 oz) with battery
  •  Size 96.1×19.0x16.5 mm

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